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The MP Invited Belarusian Investors to Georgia

The MP Invited Belarusian Investors to Georgia

Georgia, as a reliable trade and investment partner – has been the main theme of Georgian MP George Kvirikashvili’s speech at Georgian-Belarusian Business Forum, held in Minsk.

George Kvirikashvili has provided sufficient information about Georgia to the investors. He mentioned attractive investment environment of the country, FTA and GSP with many partners, low-cost and professional workers, stabile banking sector, free currency exchange and etc.

George Kvirikashvili talked about the Georgia’s positions in the international ratings, including the 24th position of the country in the rating of Easy-Doing Business and the 23rd palace awarded by Fund Heritage, in the rating of countries with free economy. The MP noted, that government works on the investment legislation in order to improve business environment, including support of investments and granting issues.

Kvirikashvili has also considered the state program – “Produce in Georgia”, other state programs for assisting the investors and funds (Partnership Fund with $2 million budget and private co-investment funds – budget of $6 million).  According to MP, Georgia is attractive with its strategic location as well. According to the governor of the government, role of Georgia is increased in terms of cargo and hydrocarbons shipments from Asia to Europe, regional transit routs, from South to North and East to West, will run across Georgia.

Kvirikashvili mentioned the new Deep Sea Water Ports in Anaklia and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway and multi-modal railway road (Silk Wind) projects. Kviriakshvili has also talked about the direct foreign investments. He noted that investments have made up 1.76 billion USD in 2014, which exceeds by 97% comparing to 2013.

“This is very important at the background of the economic and financial crisis in the numerous neighboring countries. As of preliminary data, direct foreign investments have made up 1.35 billion USD. The major share of foreign direct investments have accounted for transport, communication, finances, construction, production and energy spheres”, – George Kvirikashvili has declared.