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The Largest Investor Countries in Georgia

According to preliminary data, the amount of direct foreign investments implemented in Georgia in the second quarter of 2017 is 346.6 million USD, Which is 14.3 percent less than the adjusted data for the II quarter of 2016.

According to the statistics office, direct foreign investments carried out in the first half of the current year is 751.0 million.USD, 5.5 percent less than the corresponding period of the previous year.

Investor countries list:

1.Azerbaijan- 36.6%

2.The Netherlands- 12.4%

3.Turkey- 11.3%

In the second quarter, foreign direct investments made from Azerbaijan in Georgia amounted to 126.9 million dollars. In the second quarter of the year, the Netherlands invested 42.9 million dollars, while Turkey investment reached 39.3 million dollars.

Among the largest investors, the United Kingdom takes the fourth place, with 31.5 million dollars invested in the second quarter of the year. Czech Republic is in the fifth position with 20.8 million dollars. Sixth place takes Panama, from which 17.0 million dollars was invested in the second quarter.