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The European Union’s Budget Support to Georgia under ENPARD I

ENPARD Communication Unit has published a publication about the European Union’s budget support to Georgia under ENPARD’s first phase. The publication provides detailed information about the achievements under the budget support component of ENPARD I in Georgia, covering the years of 2013-2017.

Budget support is the largest financial component of ENPARD. The total value of direct support to the government of Georgia under ENPARD Phase I, for the period of 2013-2017, amounted to EUR 24.5 million (≈ GEL 62 million). It is nearly half of the total budget of the programme’s first phase, EUR 52 million (≈ GEL 132 million). Under ENPARD Phase II, for the period of 2016-2020, the share of the budget support component is even larger, amounting to EUR 27 million (≈ GEL 69 million), out of the total value of the programme’s second phase, EUR 50 million (≈ GEL 127 million).

Budget support is the main form of assistance from the European Union (EU) to the Eastern Partnership region. It hinges on policy dialogue, partnership and mutual accountability between the EU and its partner countries.

The budget support provided by the EU is a direct transfer of funds to a partner country’s budget where they can be managed using national systems. Budget support instalments are deposited into the state treasury of a partner country, subject to fulfilment of general and specific conditions as agreed between EU and the partner country within a signed Financing Agreement.

With the budget support mechanism, the EU enhances policy dialogue with partner countries on key development issues and fosters partner countries’ ownership of development policies and reforms.