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The Chinese Consider Georgia as Regional Information Technology Hub

The Chinese plan to develop the new “Silk Road” for introduction of information technologies which envisage turning Georgia into the regional center of information technology.

The Chinese are going to strengthen r relations with Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia by means of Georgia through which a variety of routes run.

The officials of the Chinese “Alibaba” site, who are interested in development of  this direction, held meetings at  the National Communications Commission. In their opinion, Georgia has the potential, however, the Commission states  that it can’t happen in a day or two.

Chairman of the Commission Vakhtang  Abashidze states  “Commersant” that   on the basis of the agreement reached by the  two sides,  the Georgian side should inform the Chinese side about  the country’s economic conditions, investment climate and the situation on the communication market.

The Commission plans to send information required by the Chinese delegation next week.

According to Abashidze,  the Chinese delegation offers the  representatives of the  interested company to arrive in China, hold meetings with Chinese companies,  consider investment, telecommunications issues and begin intensive negotiations as a result of which Memorandum may be signed.

Georgian companies with  necessary infrastructure, in particular “Caucasus Online”, “Silknet”, Delta Com” ,”Foptnet ” and others, expressed their  interest  in this issue.

I cannot say exactly in what form the Chinese investments will be carried out   in Georgia, it can be  the funds invested in the development of network infrastructure or  investment made in the company todevelop network infrastructure as well as to expand border and backbone routers, etc.

Abashidze cannot speak specifically about the investment volume, as soon as  bilateral meetings are held and information obtained, a field of common interest will be  discussed and agreed.

In his words, the  Chinese investors were in Georgia in early August. The delegation plans to create a site in  Georgia similar to “Alibaba” and destroy Georgian consumers’ perception that Chinese goods are of a low quality.