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Tbilisi to Host Georgia and World 2019 Economic Conference

Georgia and the World 2019 economic conference will be held at TechnoPark in Tbilisi on January 29-30, under the aegis of the World 2019 annual edition of the Economist.

Besides representatives of Georgian Government, diplomatic corps, international organizations, business sector and academic circles, Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze will attend the conference. Henrik Hololei, director general for Transport and Mobility of European Commission has been invited as an honorary guest to the conference. 

Objective of the conference is to analyze Georgia’s progress, discuss new challenges and future development perspectives in the working environment. The event format enables to hold public discussions on Georgia achievements and coming reforms. 

The first day of the conference comprises 3 panels, as well as discussion with the participation of Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze. 

The conference agenda comprises such topics as: perspectives for Georgia’s integration into global economy; innovative reforms in finance sector; contributory superannuation system and capital market; diversification of new markets and tourism products; entrepreneurship promotion; analysis of Georgia’s agrarian potential; green economy and so on. Moreover, the Georgian Prime Minister will discuss results of the Davos economic form

More than 1000 delegates will attend the conference.