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Tbilisi Mayor Presented One Year Report to Society

Kakha Kaladze, the mayor of the capital, presented a year report to the society. The activity report includes seven main directions – urban development, transport, social, economic, environmental, education, culture, healthy lifestyle and youth as well as management policy.

During the presentation, Kakha Kaladze talked about the major changes implemented in the capital and rendered thanks to the central government for supporting the projects planned by the City Hall.

Over the past year, several important projects and reforms have been implemented in the direction of management policy in the capital. Particularly, the Urban Development Service was created; The responsible services for transport and environmental policy were identified – the “EcoService Group” was created and rebranding of Municipal Department for Supervision took place as well; Taxi reform has been implemented; The construction safety norms were tightened up; Sanctions on cruelty to animal were toughened; as concerns the legal direction, significant reform was made in terms of VAT exemption on import and sale of electric-motor micro and large buses; A special platform “Your idea to the city mayor” was created; 1 256 projects were financed within the framework of the Homestead Community Condominium Development Program; The list of more than 50 species of plants were approved, which will be planted up on different locations of the capital.

In the direction of urban policy, large projects have been commenced in ancient Tbilisi. About 70 million GEL will be spent for rehabilitation of Orbeliani square. The underground parking project for 150 vehicles is being carried out on this above-mentioned location. The arrangement of communications has been completed; About 50 million GEL will be spent for rehabilitation of Gudiashvili Square, within the frames of the project 20 buildings will be rehabilitated.

1 683 539 square meter road cover was fully repaired and rehabilitated in Tbilisi, for which 135 744 331 GEL was allocated from the capital budget; Large-scale recovery-rehabilitation works of roads are completed on 12 streets; Regulation of underground communications are underway, for which 3 401 571 GEL was spent in all ten districts of Tbilisi; Construction of two leveled connecting junction of Marshal Gelovani Avenue and Sarajishvili Street, as well as construction of tunnel connecting Zemo and Lower Ponichala are being conducted; Rehabilitation of crossing bridges on Varketili and river Gldanula is carried out as well; Rehabilitation-reconstruction of the bridge on the river Vere, and the bridge near the upper University as well as a new transport junction at the crossing of Tsintsadze-Kartozia streets have been completed.

Important steps were also taken in terms of environmental policy. In particular, during the last year, the arrangement and rehabilitation of parks and squares were carried out on 251 addresses, which amounted 11 932 894 GEL from the capital budget; There were arranged four large parks, including – Godziashvili, Gldani and Parks located on Beri Gabriel Salosi Avenue and on Tsurtsumia streets; There were arranged 3,400 sports and children’s entertainment zones as well as fitness zones at 349 locations, for which GEL 7 345 293 was spent from the budget; Pursuant to the wish of the population 224 garages have been taken out; The Municipal Waste Management Action Plan and Strategy have been developed within the framework of the strategy placement of special bins for waste separation has been started.

In order to improve the transportation system and the policy, the City Hall has started implementing of several important projects in the last one year. Namely, the existing bus park will be fully replaced by the end of 2019; EUR 6, a 10-meter long, 90 new diesel buses of MAN’s firm has already been purchased. In addition, the tender procedure for the purchase of 220 units of diesel engine buses was completed; By 2019, preparation of tender for purchase of 240 units of CNG and electric motor eight and 10 meters buses is underway; Within the framework of the buses replacement program, 750 buses will be purchased in total, which will entirely replace the existing old buses and increase their number to 200 units; In 2018-2021, 12 new and modern standard railway rolling stock will be added to “metropolitan” of Tbilisi; An independent upper-ground metro line will be developed, which will connect eight new stations to the Lilo market, including the airport from “Samgori” station; Technical-economic research in order to connect Tbilisi Metro with Rustavi is being considered as well.

As concerns other innovations implemented in the last one year, an agreement with the “City Park” was canceled and the parking management system was handed over to Tbilisi Transport Company; Tbilisi Parking Service Center has been launched; 9000 marks of parking has been changed; 8,000 square meter parking space has been drawn and arranged; Permits for taxi license have been commenced. Several advantages have been introduced for the purpose of development of ecological transport – in case of a hybrid vehicle, permission fees are half and in case of electric vehicle it is completely free; For registered vehicles, special free parking places have already been allocated; advertisement areas will be marked out on the taxis and taxi drivers will be handed out luminous signs, dry cleaning and painting vouchers as well.

In terms of education, culture, healthy lifestyle and youth policies, full restoration of memorial-literary museums of Nikoloz Baratashvili, Kote and Soso Tsereteli, as well as Ilia Chavchavadze were completed in the last year; Large scale infrastructural works of art schools and pupils and youth houses and their equipment with new inventories, instruments and security systems have been commenced; Gldani-Nadzaladevi Complex Sports Center was opened, which is aimed at over 200 beneficiaries; Working on construction projects for multifunctional sports complexes in Varketili and Didi Dighomi has been finished; 85 educational and youth projects included about 30,000 students and young people were financed; 11 children’s kindergarten adapted with modern standards and for disabled people have been opened in the capital and large-scale repair works were conducted in 38 kindergartens of Tbilisi.

Another important direction, which has been affected with some changes, is the health and social policy, in witness thereof, living spaces for 411 families have been legalized at a symbolic price. The Municipal Department for Health and Social Services of Tbilisi City Hall has financed operations and medicines for 30,000 people in 2018; 169 257 beneficiaries have utilized social programs in all ten districts of Tbilisi, and 34 655 319 GEL has been spent for above mentioned; The relevant procedure for receiving medical and other social needs has been simplified; The “Disease Screening” program has been expanded and three new high-tech mammography has been added; The transplantation program was added to the liver transplantation component, which is financed with 60 000 GEL by Tbilisi City Hall.

The budget of the next year, which is one of the most important steps towards development of economic policy, was determined by 921 million GEL, but after special transfers, it will exceed one billion of Gel; 35% – 327 million GEL will be spent on health and social direction, 455 million GEL is considered for infrastructure, Ecology – 88 million GEL, Greening – 26 million GEL; The project “Tbilisi Market” is underway, the implementation of the project “Radio City” is planned in the nearest future; In order to facilitate small and large businesses, the business accelerator has been activated, which reduces the turnover tax for small entrepreneurs five times; An important step was taken in order to develop the night economics – the “night bus” was launched, the international forum of night economics was held, within the frames of the forum the festival neWon was also held.

Presentation of a one-year report of Tbilisi Mayor was held at exhibition center “Expo Georgia”, the event was attended by the Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, Chairman of Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze, Chairman of City Assembly Giorgi Tkemaladze, members of the Cabinet of Ministers, deputies of Parliament and City Assembly and members of diplomatic corps.