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“Strong Partner with Interest in Developing East-West Transport Corridor”

Nodar Chichinadze President of the Association of Young  Financiers and Businessmen (AYFB)

Establishment of tight economic relations with the world’s one of the major and quickly-growing economies should be positively appraised. Any visit, especially on the level of top officials, is of crucial importance. Similar visits signify both parties prioritize enhancement of economic relations.

Georgia possesses vital geographical location at the east-west shortest corridor. Relying on only its own efforts Georgia cannot valuably employ the potential of this location. At least, there are no sufficient financial resources. In this situation the country should find a strong partner interested in developing this transportation corridor. China is a similar country. We know a new multimillion foundation was set up in China to implement the silk road project. During the Georgian Prime Minister’s visit to China,the information was spread a new transportation route project may be implemented in Georgia and its investment value exceeds one billion USD.

Hence, China is considered to be one of the fastest locomotives in the contemporary world in terms of economic development. Therefore, Georgia’s involvement in this locomotive will bring only positive result to the Georgian economy.