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State Budget Subsidizes Anaklia Electronic Festivals by 10 million GEL

The state budget has financed electronic festivals in Anaklia by 10 million GEL. Several days ago, the Government announced that Anaklia festival will not be funded from the state budget in 2019.

‘We have already taken a decision not to fund this Festival in cash. However, if anybody is interested hold this festival, the Government will provide infrastructural and healthcare opportunities. However, we will not fund this Festival in cash”, Minister of Economy Giorgi Kobulia told BM.GE.

It is not known whether the private sector will show interest in holding Anaklia electronic festival without state co-funding.
We remind you that in 2018 Anaklia hosted ECHOWAVES electronic festival and the tourism administration allocated 4.1 million GEL as part of the Check-in Georgia project.

As to GEMFEST founded by Giorgi Sigua, the former chief of National Tourism administration, it was held three times in Anaklia – in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The first festival of GEMFEST was held without state budget subsidization, while the second ant third festival were financed by 6 million GEL as part of Check-in Georgia project.

The first electronic festival named as Kazantip in Anaklia was held by Nikita Marshunok in partnership with Giorgi Sigua.

Note that Government of Georgia has never measured efficiency of the festival. The only measurement method was the number of sold tickets. For example: according to ECHOWAVES organizers, in 2018 40 000 persons attended the Anaklia Festival, but only 11 000 tickets were sold, including 3000 tickets were bought by foreign citizens.