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Solar Panels Production to Begin in Kutaisi

Negotiations on the production of solar panels in Kutaisi free industrial zone are at the final stage. Soso Nibladze, Chairman of TIZ, says at Business Course that at this stage negotiations are going on to attract financial resources to start production with foreign and Georgian partners.

The project is implemented by German solar panels company with Arab partners. The German and Arabian company have already registered in Georgia.

The German company produces solar panels in China and wants to start similar production in Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone. Soso Nibladze says that the initial volume of investment in the project will be about 3 million dollars.

The products are mainly exported, and the company already has partners in the US, Mexico and European countries, but realization may also occur in the region.

At this stage in Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone, up to 60 companies operate both in industrial and processing directions as well as in trading directions.