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SOCAR’s Kulevi Terminal to Increase Unloading Capacity

The Black Sea terminal of Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR in Kulevi, Georgia, plans to increase its fuel oil unloading capacity, reads a message on the terminal’s website.

This is to be carried out through the implementation of a project that will increase the unloading capacity of trestles #3 and #4 via upgrading the existing unloading system.

After completion of the modernization, the process of receiving and transhipping M100 fuel oil from Kazakhstan during the winter period will be carried out more smoothly and in a timely manner, reads the message.

“The Black Sea terminal will receive the best products and the time of unloading fuel oil will be significantly reduced. This will allow unloading almost 9,000 tons of the product per day, significantly increasing the turnover at the Kulevi oil terminal,” the message said.

The terminal in Georgia’s Kulevi was commissioned in May 2008 and oil products’ transhipment started in June of the same year. The total capacity of the terminal is 10 million tons of oil cargo per year, including three million tons of oil, three million tons of diesel fuel and four million tons of fuel oil.