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Silk Road Forum 2015

The Silk Road Forum Tbilisi 2015

Between October 15-16, Tbilisi will host the Silk Road Forum 2015.

For many these words are associated with the caravans loaded with silk and spices from China traveling over the deserts, steppes, forests, and mountains all the way to Europe and the British Isles. Caravans are gone, but the Silk Road persists. The camel trains have been replaced by modern highways, railways, pipelines through which modern “silk and spices”: energy, natural resources, manufactured goods, peoples and ideas travel. This new Silk Road can become an inexhaustible resource for economic development and political stability for many countries spreading its benefits from economic and trade to cultural and social factors.

Tbilisi Silk Road Forum is an initiative launched by the Prime Minister of Georgia and organized by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, supported by the Government of People’s Republic of China and the Asian Development Bank.

This event aims to establish a platform for annual high-level meetings of all interested states and international organizations in order to explore opportunities, align visions and enhance partnership in four main areas of cooperation: transport, energy, trade and business-to-business contacts. The Forum will feature addresses by distinguished keynote speakers and will provide a platform for business executives and policymakers to share their views, experiences and expertise.

Forum aims:

  • To raise awareness and brief the investment community of the scale and range of potential cooperation across the Region
  • To facilitate  regional cooperation and trade
  • To enhance partnership in transport, energy, trade and people-to-people contacts
  • To reflect Georgia’s drive for foreign direct investment and economic growth

For more information please visit: www.tbilisisilkroad.ge