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Shuakhevi HPP Tunnel Construction Works End

Tunnel of Shuakhevi hydro power plant is the world’s second facility with 37.2 km length. The tunnel construction works have been completed.Moreover, 98% of construction works of Shuakhevi HPP, Georgia’s major investment project, has been also completed.

Investment value of Shuakhevi project is 416 million USD. Project of similar scales has not been implemented over the past 35 years after Enguri HPP project.

A total of 7340 citizens of Georgia have been employed as part of Shuakhevi HPP project.

“Shuakhevi HPP will generate 187 megawatt clean energy power  and its electricity will be fully supplied to Georgian population in winter period, while in summer period, amid excessive generation, electricity will be exported to Turkey.

Shuakhevi HPP project is Georgia’s first HPP project that has been certified by UN framework convention on climate change. Shuakhevi HPP will generate 450 million kw/hour electricity and reduce emission by 200 000 tons a year.

Construction works are performed by Ajaristskali Georgia company.