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Sakcable Ends Year in 15% Upturn

Sakcable company has finished the year of 2017 in 15% growth, including exports rose by 20%. The company director Edisher Mamaladze told BM.Ge that Sakcable plans to expand activities on exports markets and enter European market.

“There are certain norms that should be protected by all companies, which plan to enter EU market. We want to enter European market. This is a long and hardworking process. EU protects its market and the quality is the key component is this respect”, Edisher Mamaladze said. Demand for quality grows on domestic market too. 

“It is very important to obtain ISO certificate, because any new project requires high standards and certified products. Regretfully, ignoring these standards have caused recent conflagrations.

But better late than never – now the government admits companies certified in tenders and this component makes order in management and and procedures”, Edisher Mamaladze said.