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Russia Remains Georgia's Major Exports Market

Russia Remains Georgia’s Major Exports Market

Russia remains Georgia’s major exports market.

According to January-July indicators, Georgia exported 214.8mln USD products to Russian Federation, that is 14.8% in total exports (1.446bln USD).

Georgia exported ferroalloys (80.1mln USD in January-July), wines (48.36mln USD), waters (25.98mln USD), spirits (11.3mln USD) and motorcars (7.6mln USD). All the mentioned groups record significant upturn tendency.

Turkey and China are recorded among Georgia’s top 3 exports markets. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, USA, Ukraine, Switzerland and Romania are also Georgia’s major exports markets.

In January-July 2017 Copper ores and concentrates reclaimed the first place in the list of top export items, equaling USD 243.7 million, or 16.8 percent of total exports. Exports of Ferro-alloys totaled USD 182.5 million and its share in the total exports amounted to 12.6 percent. Motor cars occupied the third place. Exports of this commodity group stood at USD 102.4 million and 7.1 percent of the total export

Three groups of exports basket has recorded a downturn: nitric fertilizers (41.4mln USD), gold (41.3mln USD) and nuts (31.8mln USD).