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Russia Offers Discount for Cargo Transportation via Georgia

It is known that Russia has always been against the development of the Georgian transit corridor, as considers it a rival. It concerns energy carriers transportation via pipelines as well as by railway and sea.

 However, it seems that Moscow has changed its position, and possible profit prevailed over ideology.

Russian Railways (RZD) has made a decision to decrease in 2019-20 the level of tariffs for cargo transportation within the framework of the Tariff Corridor.

RZD reports that the decision concerns export carriages of oil cargo, ferrous metals and grain.

“According to Board’s decision, special tariff conditions will come into force on 1 January 2019. In particular, export transportation of ferrous metals and grain cargo through the bordering-with-Azerbaijan transfer station Samur of the North Caucasus railway with further follow-up of the border crossing Beyuk-Kasik (Azerbaijan) – Gardabani (Georgia) will be carried out at a discount of 50% until 31 December 2020,” RZD informs.