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Romeo Mikautadze: Mestiachala HPP is Safe for Population

“Mestiachala HPP is safe for population, environment impact is minimal and it is necessary to integrate these powers into our system”, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Romeo Mikautadze told Mestia residents, who object to Mestiachala HPP construction.

The meeting participants agreed to hold the next meeting in Tbilisi on March 24. Experts will also take part in the meeting, he said.

Mikautadze has held similar meetings with local residents for the third time. He explained details of Mestiachala HPP project and its impact on environment and population. Installed generation of Mestiachala HPP 1 and Mestiachala HPP 2 is 50 megawatts, while the project’s investment value is 75 million USD. The construction process is being carried out through modern technologies, without arranging a cascade and damming water and this technology rules out important impact on environment.

Romeo Mikautadze also made focus on social aspects of the project. Namely, local residents will be employed as part of the project and local budget will receive significant revenues on behalf of welfare of Mestia and neighboring villages.