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Report: Parents Sustain 62% of Young People in Georgia

In Georgia 19% of young people have full-time job place, while 7% have half-time jobs or they are self-employed, report Generation in Transient Period prepared by Friedrich Ebert foundation, reads.

According to the report, 71% of students are optimistic for their employment perspectives and they believe they will find job place after graduation. 75% of young people think that friends and relatives are most important factors for employment. It is interesting that despite low confidence in state structures, 42% of young people are interested in public sector job places. Georgian young people have expressed huge trust to families.

75% of young people live with their parents, while 62% of respondents receive financial support from parents. 48% of young people noted that they take decisions jointly with their parents, while 44% noted that they are free and independent in taking decisions. Almost 1/3 part of young respondents noted that mother’s opinion is very important for their decisions.