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Recommendations and Experience of Global Alliance is Highly Important For Georgian Government

Board chairperson of Global Alliance Bernard Kouchner visited Georgia for the second time this year to share his medical experience. Kouchner met representatives of Georgia’s public sector and medical NGO’s.

Bernard Kouchner welcomes Georgian government’s great effort and initiative towards developing and strengthening Georgia’s primary health care sector.

“Today Primary healthcare is one of the priorities of Georgian government, as you know the Ministry of Health actively cooperates with Global Alliance on working out several programs, strengthening Primary healthcare is the most vital element”.

Kouchner said that those international recommendations provided by Global Alliance are very important but mentioned that involvement of Georgian experts in the process is no less vital, because recommendations need to be adapted to Georgia, eventually Georgia should adopt such  master plan, which will show how to increase motivation of Primary health care doctors.

Bernard Kouchner held his meetings at National Center for Disease and Control with representatives of the Ministry of Health care and doctors.

Director of NCDC Amiran Gamkrelidze also attended the meeting and made some comments in this regard.

We are trying to implement Primary health care reform for the third time already, First conception had been worked out in 1990ths which was adoption of United Kingdom’s model, the second attempt was in 2002-2003, when The World Bank initiated the reform. The main thing now is that we must implement this reform more successfully that previous ones, I hope that it will.  

Amiran Gamkrelidze commented on Bernard Kouchner’s visit and said that his remarks and recomendations are very important he said that development of healthcare needs to increase financing, Georgia needs minimum 5% of GDP to reach its goals.