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PSP to Insure Parliament's Vehicle Fleet

PSP to Insure Parliament’s Vehicle Fleet

PSP company will insure the vehicle fleet of Parliament of Georgia. PSP has won the state tender. Presumable value of the deal was 215 000 GEL, while the company offered to insure 94 vehicles for 189 000 GEL.

PSP will provide insurance service for the Parliament’s vehicle fleet from January 1, 2018 up to December 31, 2018.

The services include:

Full motor own damage – hijacking, theft of vehicles; damaging or annihilation of vehicle by accident, conflagration, explosion, self-ignite, natural disaster, third body’s illegal action, road accident, damaging or/and theft of mirrors, glasses, accessories or other details. The package also includes the vehicle evacuation costs.

Vehicle owners civil responsibility – the supplier provides resolution of all organizational and financial issues related to the third body.