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Project of the Spatial Arrangement of the Country Starts in Georgia

Project of the Spatial Arrangement of the Country Starts in Georgia

The transportation network connecting various regions will be drafted and constructed across the whole Georgia – it will perform the function of the country’s backbone, reinforce the regions; Geographic location will not be a barrier for doing business and movement across Georgia – Spatial Arrangement Project of the country provides for the said improvements.

Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili presented the most large-scale component of the Government’s four-point reform plan – project of the spatial arrangement of the country. Overall, by 2020 around 1000 km of highway will be built and reconstructed – the tentative cost of the project will be around 3.5 billion USD. Construction of 550 km highway and rehabilitation of around 800 km of road is planned. Building of around 300 bridges and 50 road tunnels are planned.

Spatial arrangement also includes rehabilitation and construction of railway stations, ports, airports and tourism infrastructure.

“Georgia has all the necessary resources to become economically attractive country with extensive capacities. For this purpose, Georgia needs to grasp the rational understanding of its current situation and arrange the spatial planning in a correct way; it has to provide more oxygen, more new blood to the regions and create equal opportunities notwithstanding their geographic location. For this purpose, it is essential to create conditions enabling people to go back to the mountains, villages and produce financial welfare. These conditions shall meet local needs and concentrate on the international markets. Services, such as quality education, healthcare and social infrastructure shall become equally available in the regions, employment of the local population in their home regions shall be supported; tourists must have access to all regions and Georgia shall become a full-year resort destination,” – Prime Minister indicated and noted that this is achievable through the method widely applied in the world’s leading countries – by spatial arrangement of the country.

The function of the country’s arrangement implies ensuring rational, stable and balanced planning of the country’s development. It is called to support integration among the sectors, such as construction of residential spaces, transportation and communications, energy sector and industry. It is also aimed at amelioration the links between the residents of rural and urban areas.

According to the Prime Minister, this instrument will serve the purpose of creating more stable and predictable conditions for the economic, social and environmentally-friendly development of the country and attraction of the investors that will provide a development guarantee to the local population and ensure mindful, rational utilization of land and natural resources.

“Via the complex approach, maximum engagement of the community and analysis, a vision, short and long-term strategic action plans are being elaborated based on the peculiarities of demographics, agriculture, industry, tourism, infrastructure, environment, environmental protection, technologies, education and most importantly – regions of Georgia. With the participation of the foreign experts, work in the area of the spatial arrangement is already ongoing and include elaboration of the general plans of territories and resorts, development of the spatial arrangement plans.

The Government of Georgia is already working on the elaboration of the scheme of the spatial arrangement of the country. Within the frames of the reform, new transport highways have to be created. Georgia has a potential of becoming transportation and logistics hub connecting Europe and Asia. In this context, major emphasis is put on amelioration of the road infrastructure and its development in line with the modern European standards,” – Prime Minister noted.

According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, existing roads and parts of the highways, transit corridors that cross Georgia will be brought in line with modern standards. New roads will be constructed and a new backbone reviving the country will be created. This plan will make each of the regions equally viable, fit for living and the primary infrastructure will be equally available in all of the regions.