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Antibiotics Misuse Has Drastic Effects on the Georgian Society

In terms of misusing antibiotics, unfortunately Georgia is one of the leading countries in the world. Addiction to psychotropic antibiotics is widespread in the country. The enforcement of the prescription law that came into power in September 2014 seemingly fixed this issue. However, the problem persists.

Mirian Tsiklauri a member of Healthcare Committee made some comments to CBW in this regard. According to him, the prescription system has eased the problem to some extent, but he thinks that doctors and the society at large should be more informed about this issue.

A serious step has already been made by introducing the prescription law. Antibiotics are sold by prescription only. This system has been operating for a year already; its introduction decreased the instances of misuse of antibiotics drastically.

“I think we need to conduct training sessions among Georgian doctors to completely eliminate the cases of inappropriate prescription of antibiotics. These will be seminars, in which the intended use of antibiotics will be discussed,” Tsiklauri noted.

To Tsiklauri’s view, apart from training doctors, the society at large needs to be more informed. “Citizens need to know that inappropriate use of antibiotics may lead to complications, such as chronic diseases, which are hard to treat. Even worse, it may have fatal consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the population on this issue.”

Tsiklauri believes that management of pharmacies has to be stricter, in order to eliminate the possibility of giving out antibiotics without prescription.