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Prime Minister Announces Green Economy Strategy

Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze announced a new green economy strategy, which presentation will be held in a few days.

“The green economy is an absolute priority for us, which will enable us to take a new level of economics and lifestyle quality of our citizens.Most European countries have embarked on the path of building such economy and we have a unique potential to become one of the leading countries in this very important direction ” – said Bakhtadze.

According to him, while working on a new strategy, two tasks were the priority, how to eliminate hard consequences that are in Tbilisi and Georgia and how to move the country to a new level.

“Unfortunately, the policy of the environment was extremely ineffective in recent years, I would say it’s like a crime, it needs to be corrected with pragmatic steps, green economy will be an important direction and Tbilisi will play important role in this”, Bakhtadze said.

According to him, significant financial resources will be directed from the central budget in order to change the ecosystem in Tbilisi in the nearest months, which is related to the transport system.