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Primary Health Care is Essential

The issues concerning, Health care system in terms of Primary Healthcare, CBW spoke with founder of “Family Doctor” Zurab Noniashvili.

According to him, the Primary health care system is very important for the entire system. “Primary Health care has prevention function, doctors should try to prevent their patients from surgeries. Preventive medicine is important. In Soviet years, there were district therapist,  pediatrician and women consulting doctors, today these three directions are unified and has been named as a family doctor.

He also spoke about those major factors, that should be considered during planing the reform. “Education in Health care is the great luxury, and for receiving it, we need finances. Ministry should invest money to teach doctors for free. Attention should be paid for doctors’ trainings and qualifications. Previously, but not today, every five year doctors had to renew their qualifications at “Medical Development Institute, Noniashvili noted.

Private clinics should have an ambition on new standards. It  should offer such additional service to the patients, that they showed desire to use their services Simultaneously The state-funded clinics should offer  normal services  Zurab Noniashvili said.