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Price of Mushroom Declines 3.5 times In Georgia

The price of mushroom gets 3,5 times cheaper than it was in previous years.

“The mushroom needs to take care as a newborn; even the air coming inside the greenhouse might significantly damage them”. This is sufficient for the mushroom to get dry. That is why greenhouses are built in a way the air flows to pass through from the top and not directly to attack them.

In fact, mushroom in our country is the only agricultural product whose production during 6 years period increased by 6 times and also exported in some countries. Georgian mushroom has real chance to successfully enter international market, – noted Ivane Ioseliani. He was the one who managed to increase the productivity and exported the mushroom from Georgia.

“6 years ago, we only consumed 300 tons of mushrooms, from which 250 tons were imported from Armenia, Azerbaijan and partly from Iran. The price fluctuated from 15 GEL to 25 GEL according to the customer needs” – Ioseliani says.

Due to the circumstances of the prices, six years ago I decided to start the production of mushroom in the greenhouses. We have maintained and reconstructed the buildings remained from the Soviet Union period and fortunately found good technologists who has created the best team of employees.

Thus we started our business. By that time I could not think I would have been so successful in this business. However, our main objective was to produce at least 40 tons of mushrooms per year.