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Poti Seaport Makes Our Corridor Development Perspectives Questionable

“Poti Seaport makes the Black Sea corridor development perspectives questionable”, Minister of Transport Merab Adeishvili wrote on his own Social network page. Cargo turnover in the Black Sea seaports made up 500mln tons in 2016, he said.

  • Novorosiisk – 131.4mln tons;
  • Constanza – 46.2mln tons; 
  • Iujni – 39.2mkn tons;
  • Kavkaz – 33.2mln tons;
  • Odessa – 25.3mln tons;
  • Tuapse – 25.2mln tons;
  • Nikolaevsk – 22.4mln tons; 
  • Burgas – 17.1mln tons;

“Poti Seaport occupies the last position among twenty seaports with 6.3 million tons. Over the past 15 years, turnover in the seaport is about 6-8 million tons with 300 000 containers”.

Representatives of this seaport and affiliated businesses also find this situation satisfactory and favorable. They are content with the current indicators and they assert no changes are required.

They are content with their profits and they think nothing more is required for this country and moreover, they make the seaport development perspectives questionable…

According to their position, it is enough that Georgia ranks 130 among 160 countries in terms of transport logistics efficiency coefficient, under the World Bank report.

They find it acceptable that the turnover is declining; They do not care to compete with 250mln tons of cargo transported at Russian seaports. They find it admissible that the Poti Seaport is an outsider, uncompetitive, with practical monopoly and in general, they think Silk Road forums are useless and so on.

It is evident that the transport system are controlled by teams, which have frustrated the corridor, limited its potential, restricted ambitions of our country and made pessimistic moods and appraisal as a norm.

Therefore, either the Government overcomes this hazardous stagnation in the country or we will remain as outsiders and our ambitions for efficient transit function of our country within Silk Road will fail”, Adeishvili said.