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Potential Investors in Anaklia Port Arrived in Georgia

China’s largest port operator “Qingdao Port International” is interested in the project of construction of a deepwater port in the Black Sea town of Anaklia. The company representatives recently visited Georgia, observed the territory of the proposed construction  and obtained  detailed information about the future prospects of the port.

Competition for the design of a deepwater port in Anaklia was announced by the Ministry of Economy of Georgia in August 2014. It  was attended by 12 companies, after studying the proposals a list was  reduced to seven candidates.

According to government plans, the port capacity should reach 100 million  tons of cargo per year. Construction will be carried out in 7 stages. In the first three stages, in 12 years after the start of the project, the capacity of the port should be at least 40 million tons, of them for the first 3 years – no less than 7 million tons.

Apart from  the port in Anaklia,  development of industrial and logistic zones is planned as well as the opening  of the  International Airport and the construction of LNG terminal. The project must be launched  in 2016.

During the visit, representatives of the Chinese company “Qingdao” met with the leadership of  the   Anaklia Development Consortium  and Minister of Economy of Georgia.

“Qingdao Port International” was founded in 1892 and is considered one of the most highly efficient port operators. Port in Qingdao is  the 7th in the world by  bandwidth.

Its  connection to the project will provide an opportunity to start the transportation of goods along the route of the Silk Road from China to Europe through Azerbaijan and Georgia.