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Plastics Production Project Remains in Draft Form

Plastic production project of Georgian designer Zviad Tsikolia hasn’t launched. There is no progress even though, Government promised Zviad to support within framework of ”Enterprise Georgia”.

”Project remained in draft form. None of the support or advancement has been besides their speech on TV and writing project. They say I need to find and investor to finance 1 200 000m. USD. As I see, it’s not county’s priority to invent an enterprise where people will be employed. Enterprise would be already launched if they supported as promised. ”-says Zviad Tsikolia to ”Business Course”.

”We pay 5 million for Aerosmith concert. Give me 2.5 I will make an Enterprise and employ people. I will export our production and replace Chinese-Turkish production into local step by step”-posted Tsikolia.

After that, he had a meeting with Economy Minister-Giorgi Gakharia. It was mentioned in announcement that ”Enterprise Georgia” would co-finance the first two years of enterprise.

Prime Minister-Giorgi Kvirikashvili responded it in January, saying that the project would be fully supported by the Government within ”Enterprise Georgia”. Which hasn’t implemented yet.