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Plastic Recycling Plant to Launch Operation in Kutaisi

One million GEL will be invested in Kutaisi plastic recycling plant, Soso Nibladze, executive director of Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone told BM.GE.

The plant will be built by the Chinese company to manufacture plastic granules for further exports.

As reported, in 20187 Chinese and Indian companies expressed intention to build a plastic recycling plant in Kutaisi, but the process was suspended after the legislative initiative for restriction of plastic wastes recycling. However, later the process was resumed. 

„We can say that this project has revived; We have conducted consultations with the investor and the Environment Ministry and today the project remains in force. The mentioned company will carry out the plastic recycling by use of cutting-edge technologies and machineries without no environment impact.

In the near future we will hold a new meeting with this company to discuss leasing details about which building to select for the enterprise”, Soso Nibladze noted.
Initially, raw materials will be imported from abroad, while later domestically collected plastic wastes will be used in production, he added.