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People Need to Develop Their Own Health Care Culture

Director of “Medical Group” Dr.Nana Lapiashvili, talks about planned reform of Primary Healthcare.

According to her, first of all, preventive services should be promoted in healthcare sector.

Implementation of Primary Healthcare reform is necessary, to prevent diseases on early stages, It is also necessary to have a lot of healthy people in our country. Ministry should, first of all promote preventive services.

We are endemic area of thyroid and it would be good to pay a special attention to prevent it. People need to develop their own health care culture. Health is treasure, which costs nothing. Unfortunately, people with low-income who can not control their health, and it would be nice if this reform will give our residents a chance to maintain their health. Also, to pursue a healthy life to the next generation”, says Lapiashvili.

Dr.Lapiashvili thinks that, to successfully implement the reform, firstly, it is necessary doctors, to have a decent pay. “Give them an incentive to normal salary, in order to better carry out their business and to better treat their patients. Prevention is always cheaper. If the state will develop such program, where the emphasis will be made on the prevention”, Lapiashvili said.