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Passenger Traffic Increased and Turkish Airline Remains a Leader of the Country Aviation

Turkish Airline remains an aviation leader company in the country. Which is 12% of the market January-June 2017. According to statistics, Turkish Airlines is still number one in Georgia as it served 189 542 passengers during 6 months.

The Georgian airline, Georgian Airways, Ukraine International Airline (FlyUIA) and Hungarian  Wizz Air have controlled 9-9% of the market by passenger traffic.

Last year, according to the January-June data, Turkish Airlines owned 19% of the market, the share of this year is reduced by 7%. Passenger traffic has not reduced but several new airlines have entered the Georgian aviation market in last few months. Accordingly the share of the Georgian aviation market has been adjusted.

In the past six months of the last year, similar to the same period of the current year, the Georgian Airways and FlyUIA have the same percentage rates, in contrast to January-June 2008 they were 10-10% of the owners.

According to the passenger traffic, the owner of 6-6% of the market are Russian airline Aeroflot and Arabic company Flydubai. As for the Russian S7, it owns a 5% share of Georgian aviation market.

Turkish low-cost airline Pegasus Airlines has a 4% share in January-June, 2017.

According to the data of the first half of 2017, QatarAirways, Ural Airlines, and El Al Israel Airlines are the owner of 3-3% of the market share.

Air Arabia, Lufthansa, Atlasglobal, AZAL, Air Astana, Pobeda Airlines, Belavia, Taban Air and LOT have a 2-2% market share.

According to Civil Aviation Agency, 9% of the country’s air carrier is owned by the national carrier and 91% are controlled by foreign airlines.

In the first half of 2017, airports of Georgia served 49% more passengers. According to the Civil Aviation Agency, in January-June 2017, a total of 1 609  183 passengers have used airports, regular and irregular flights. In January-June, the country’s airports service received 1 82 828 passengers, so the increase was 48,61%.

According to statistical data, in January-June 2017, airports of Georgia received 80.31% more passengers than in January-June 2015.