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Parliament Committee Members Will Meet with Winegrowers

Committee on Sector Economy and Economic Policy of the Georgian Parliament plans to hold a meeting today to address the problems of Kakhetian winegrowers, expressing dissatisfaction over the purchase price for grapes.

The Chairman of the Committee Zurab Tkemaladze said at the meeting of the Parliament bureau yesterday.

“On Friday, when the committee met at the initiative of George Gviniashvili and “The  National Movement”, we promised winegrowers to hold a committee meeting on Monday or Tuesday. We do not break promises. On Tuesday, we’re going to hold a meeting of committee,” Tkemaladze notes.

Note: Yesterday, protesters blocked a road in the Telavi-Tbilisi section.

The winegrowers from different districts demanded  the current  grapes price to increase, otherwise, they threatened to destroy the vineyards.  The protesters demanded the PM and Minister of Agriculture to arrive at the scene.  An incident took place during the protest as one of the protesters humiliated Gurjaani representative to the parliament Giorgi Gviniashvili. According to the parliament member, the person who assaulted him, approached him from the policemen’s group. The person has already been detained.

George Samanishvili, Director  of the National Wine Agency,  says that the government subsidizes wine-growers, but it cannot affect the price.

“They will have to negotiate on the price on their own. If they cannot reach an agreement, the state will buy all the grapes, but at a lower price than offered by private companies,” George Samanishvili notes.