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Okami Pumping Station Rehabilitation Project Underway

Okami pumping station rehabilitation project is underway in Akhalkalaki municipality to ensure water supply to 300 hectare agricultural lands.

LLC Georgian Melioration of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, a new pumping station has been built jointly with pumping aggregates, the old cascade has been restored, as well as water reception well, reservoir, wall between the cascade and pumping station.

As a result of implemented rehabilitation project, population of four villages – OKami, Kartsebi, Apnia and Gogasheni will receive irrigation services.

The project’s value makes up 444 444 GEL and its implementation will end in August 2017.

“Starting 2012 ten melioration systems rehabilitation projects were implemented in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region. As a result, water supply has been ensured for additional 6 740 hectare agricultural land plots”, the statement reads.