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New Terminal to Triple Kutaisi Airport Passenger Turnover

“The new terminal will triple the Kutaisi Airport’s capabilities. Today, the airport handles about 300 passengers an hour, and the new terminal will enable to increase turnover to 1,000-1,100 passengers an hour. Today, 450 persons work at the airport, and the new terminal will enable the airport to employ more citizens,” Minister of the Economy Dimitri Kumsishvili said, after he visited new terminal construction at the Kutaisi International Airport.

The vice prime minister was updated about the ongoing construction by Ketevan Aleksidze, the general director of the Georgian Airports Association.

The Kutaisi International Airport’s new terminal is currently being constructed. As of writing, 90% of the concrete reinforcement works have been completed. The works will be fully completed by June 2018.

The new terminal was designed by the Dutch architectural company UN Studio, while the airport development analysis was carried out by IATA Consulting.

The airport will have six exits. The total space of the new terminal is 24,176 square meters. Currently, Kutaisi Airport employs 440 persons, but the new terminal will increase this number.

The new terminal will open at the beginning of 2019 and passenger turnover will triple.