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New support centre for disabled people planned for Tbilisi

A new centre is being built in Tbilisi to help and support people with disabilities become more engaged in social activities.

A decision was made today by the Government of Georgia to establish a new Integration Centre in the country’s capital as a way to offer more support to the disabled community.

At the new facility, clients will learn how to drive independently, engage in school and university processes through distance learning, attended sports and art classes and more.

At today’s Governmental meeting, authorities said the new Centre would be built in the near future.

Georgian Government relinquished ownership of several buildings on non-agricultural land on Sandro Euli St in Saburtalo, for 15 years free of charge to Phoenix-LZ, an international foundation, on the condition that it constructed an Integration Centre that can cater for at least 100 people.

As part of the agreement, Phoenix-LZ will carry out reconstruction and renovation work at the site and equip the new facility with appropriate furniture and special equipment suited to the needs of people with disabilities.

The Centre will open no later than 30 months from today, when the deal was made, and will employ 90 people.


Source: www.agenda.ge