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New Pipelines Helps Georgia to Become a Major Partner for Europe

After Russia and Turkey have decided to revive the Turkish Stream” gas  project,  as a sign of friendship, the question arose  – how this process will affect Georgia?

Experts believe that the “Turkish Stream” can not hurt “Southern Gas Corridor” (SGC) between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

According to Russian media, the construction of the Russian-Turkish project is to be completed in December 2019, its capacity will be 15, 75 billion cubic meters of gas, although the details of the project, which will  supply gas to Europe, have not yet been agreed with the EU.

Expert George Vashakmadze believes that  the renewed  pipeline project  could increase the role of Georgia as a transit country for Caspian energy resources to Europe.

“There is consensus in Europe – they do not want to be too dependent on Russia, including through new pipelines, such as the” Turkish Stream “. Earlier  Europeans were afraid to launch alternative routes to avoid unnecessary competition with Russia, which could start new projects. But now, this factor is no longer valid, as Russia began working  on the Turkish Stream project. Now Europe has  more motivation for the construction of major new gas pipelines on the territory of Georgia and Europe could intensify its efforts in the White Stream project,” –  Vashakmadze notes.

In his words, the “White Stream” project  will not go through the territory of Turkey and gas will betransported  to Europe  along bottom of the Black Sea.

Expert Temur Gochitashvili also believes that “Turkish Stream” will not harm Georgia’s transit function.

“One of the goals of “Turkish stream ” is to bypass  the Ukrainian gastransit network, the Kremlin thus seeks to punish and deprive it of its transit role. It will not go unnoticed by Europe, and this issue will be taken into account in determining the views of Europe in relation to the project. In this situation, the role of Georgia as a reliable transit country, will only grow, “- the expert stresses.