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New Highway Project to Plan in Kakheti

In the highways department of Regional Development and Infrastructure, they are going to propose a new project in the frame of improving high speed ways in the East and West of Georgia.

The mentioned highways are the part of 4 year plan which aims to promote spatial development of the country.

In the frame of spatial development, existing highways, high speed ways and transit corridors will be matched with modern standards. New roads will be built and it will be very connected which will make it easier for everyone to have an access to the basic infrastructure.

At this stage, spatial development projects documents will be prepared. To prepare these documents, 3 companies financial proposals were considered.

80 km long highway will be built in the direction of Tbilisi-Sagarejo Bakurtsikhe and 40 km road in direction of “Tsnori-Lagodekhi” will be built in the frame of the project. The project activities are financed by World Bank.