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New Hazelnut Drying Enterprise Opened in Samegrelo

A new enterprise of hazelnut drying and warehouse is opened in the village of Natsatsu, Zugdidi Municipality, which is meant to serve more than 600 farmer’s services.

According to the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, 1000 tons of hazelnut and 500 tons of goods are possible to be stored in the enterprise.
“The new enterprise was established with the co-financing of the Georgian Nut Production Association of Georgia (G-HIP) and the” Agrigeorgia-Ferrero”. Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture Yuri Nozadze, Acting Ambassador to USA Elizabeth Rudd  Peter Weblere, and the director of the US Agency for International Development, attended the meeting.
USA – International Yuri Nozadze emphasized the priority of the hazelnut sector and said that opening up such enterprises is another step forward for the development of the sector, US Ambassador Elizabeth Rudd said that this is the successful example of international organizations, private sector and state’s cooperation.