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New Electronic Monitoring System to be Introduced into Georgia

Georgia’s electricity markets attempt to integrate with European markets as new legislations are introduced and implemented.

As Georgia moves up the development line, it modifies its markets to abide by the laws of the European Union.

In June 2016, the Georgian government introduced a new law concerning energy and water supply. The law provided energy supplying companies with a set of conditions to follow. This included notifying their customers about their call center standards and payment requirements.

The new law monitors the relationship between electricity suppliers and their customers. Particularly, it establishes a system of fines in response to breaches of law carried out by the service providers.

In an interview with Irina Milorava, head of The Georgian National Energy Regulatory Commission (GNERC), she admitted that the application of the newly introduced law proved challenging. This was due to the large number of electricity retail customers making it difficult to keep track of their activity.

Thus, a new plan of electronic monitoring system began to develop. This system will allow online monitoring of the relationship and exchange between electricity suppliers and customers. It will help to track the degree to which the companies follow the laws.

Milorava claimed that this ambitious program will undergo testing for 6 months. Although the testing will be difficult, she states that it will be an important step towards improving services.

By: Maria Bakh