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New Building Code Expected to be Enacted by the End of the Year

Georgia is likely to have a new Building Code by the end of the year. According to “Arci” Executive Director Tornike Abuladze, this time a work is in progress. He says that there are issues which were considered by the Ministry of Economy, which is good, but there are some topics that were not yet taken into account. As Abuladz states, the state should not be forced to hire a lot of administrative resources to check projects. In his words, for this purpose a group of certified experts must be established. As Abuladz claims, today developers can be checked only by the City Hall or other municipal supervision services. Abuladze believes that it should be delegated. “In our view, it should be delegated to independent experts, whom we’ll hire. The difference is that if the state has to supervise, or it does it poorly, or does not have time to control everything because there are too many objects, then it should be delegated,”- Abuladze notes. Apart from that, Abuladze says it would be good if the Economy Ministry considers their position in regard to the timing of project approval. In his words, so far the project could be approved within 20 days, but now terms was prolonged to 23 days. In the words of Abuladze, it’s a bad tendency. Ministry of Economy started work on the new Building Code last year.