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Nenskra Hydro Company is Working in Case of Emergency in Chuberi

Nenskra Hydro’ in Emergency Mode in Chuberi

The Nenskra Hydropower Plant project company JSC Nenskra Hydro, works in emergency mode in Chuberi – the village in Mestia Municipality affected by natural disaster.

On 7 July, the company’s management held a meeting with the members of the Emergency Committee. The company is working on planning the urgent measures that are to be taken, as well as assessing the damage caused to the infrastructure by the disaster.

“Today, our main task is to provide maximum assistance to the population affected by the disaster. Our subcontractor, ‘Georgian Construction Consortium’, has mobilized heavy equipment. In addition, we have purchased essential products and medicines that will be handed over to the affected families”, said Teimuraz Kopadze, JSC Nenskra Hydro Chief Operating Officer.

JSC Nenskra Hydro is a project-based company established 2015 as a result of cooperation between Korea Water Resources Corporation K-water and JSC Partnership Fund. The company will construct the Nenskra Hydropower Plant in the Nenskra and Nakra river Valleys in Mestia Municipality of the Svaneti region. The 280 MW Nenskra Hydropower Plant will generate approximately 1’200.00 GWh of electricity annually, which will be fully consumed by the Georgian market. www.nenskrahydro.ge