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NDI: 34% of Respondents Consider Themselves Employed

According to the National Democratic Institute (NDI)  survey, 66% of respondents consider themselves unemployed, 34% say they are employed.

Noteworthy that compared to the previous survey, the unemployment rate has decreased. In particular, according to the study published by the NDI in May, 67% of respondents did not consider themselves to be employed.

Along with that, the latest survey shows that  from  66% unemployed people –  27%  are jobless and looking for work, 5% are unemployed and not looking for work, 33% – are inactive labor force.

NDI conducted the study from August 8 to September 10. The study is based on 4 448 completed interviews. The survey takes into account the views of all layers of the population. The average margin of error is +/- 3.01%.