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Natural Gas Price Hiked for Organizations

In Tbilisi, price of gas increased for legal entities – from March 1, 2015   1 000 cubic meters of gas will cost  GEL 900 instead of GEL 750.

The abovementioned has been confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Energy Mariam Valishvili.

“Naturally, this price rise was initially delayed but the problem has already been created and accumulation of debts could lead to delivery problems. This sector is deregulated and all costs associated with them should be reflected in  the price.

This does not apply to the population as we continue subsidizing to neutralize this effect”, – says Valishvili.

On the question of whether there is the threat of tariff increase for  the populationin a case of GEL  depreciation, Valishvili stresses  that the rising cost of natural gaswill not affect  individuals.

“Population consumes less gas and the government decided to continue subsidizing this segment,- Mariam Valishvili says.

How will a tariff  increase be reflected in  the Georgian production  representatives of which  have been asking the government to reduce  prices for energy carriers for a long time? “Commersant” continues to work on the topic and will offer positions of the Georgian  manufacturers in the near future.