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NASA to Explore Caucasus Terrain Degradation Process

The Research Center of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia has won NASA-announced grant competition.

The Georgian research center will implement a joint project with NASA to examine the Caucasus terrain degradation level, based on an analysis of satellite photo materials.

The research center will apply NASA-owned Landsat and ESA-owned (European Space Agency) Sentinel 2 satellites. During the research, for the first time, the Caucasus Region historical information will be used, which was shot from American satellite in 1960-1970s to appraise land degradation and land arrangement changes in this period.

Wisconsin-Madison University (USA) is the leading organization of the project, while partners, jointly with Agriculture Ministry research center, include University of California, University of Humboldt (Germany), University of Transylvania (Romania), Tbilisi State University, Yerevan State University and Academy of Science of Azerbaijan.

Results of the three-year project will be published in international research journals, while the final product will be published on the webportal.