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Photo/ Dmytro Khapilin

Myway Airlines Launched Its First Flights on June 13

On June 13 new Georgian airline Myway Airlines launched regular Batumi-Kharkiv-Barumi flights. On June 12 the airline performed the first regular flight from Tbilisi to Kharkiv.

The airline management hopes that frights from Tbilisi and Batumi to Kharkiv will become in-demand directions and in the future the airline will perform transit flights too.

The first regular flight from Tbilisi to Kharkiv was met solemnly at Kharkiv International Airport and an airplane inauguration ceremony was held at the airport.

Appointment of new flights will further strengthen the current warm relations between Georgia and Ukraine, Kharkiv International Airport general director Volodymyr Vasylchenko noted.

“Georgian airline Myway Airlines has performed  regular direct flight to Kharkiv. I would like to note that Tbilisi-Kharkiv flights are being performed for more than 40 years. The first flight was performed in 1960s with 100% workload.

Our states have a lot in common and we hope these flights will become more popular.

Tbilisi is a wonderful city. It is the capital city of our friendly country. Tbilisi is the city, from where it is easy to get to Armenia and Azerbaijan. We are happy Myway Airlines has chosen the direction of Kharkiv and we believe these flights will be successful”, the Kharkiv international airport director noted.

Gregory Pomerantsev, deputy director of Myway Airlines says that the direction of Khakriv is an initial stage and Myway Airlines plans to add more directions and grow workload of Tbilisi international airport, because the airport has much potential.

“Today’s flight is of crucial importance for us, because Myway Airlines has performed the first flight and I am happy this was Tbilisi-Kharkiv flight.

Our cities and countries have a lot in common and we believe these relations will deepen.

Our airline is a new one and, before regular flights, we used to perform charter flights to Tehran and Antalya. In the near future  we will add new flights and directions to perform regular flights to Tel Aviv, Tehran, Moscow and Samara.

The company also plans to add flights to Dubai, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Urumqi and Beijing.

Myway Airlines is an airline providing a full package of services and the airline believes in much potential of Tbilisi International Airport thanks to its location. We as an airline with a full package of services plan to perform transit flights through Tbilisi Airport”, Myway Airlines deputy commercial director Gregory Pomerantsev said.

We remind you that the exploitation certificate (AOC) was issued to Myway Airlines in January, while transit-transportation certificate was issued to the company in February.

At this stage the airline employs about 150 persons and in the future, along with new directions, number of employees will also increase. The airline will have employed 250 persons by the end of 2018.

For initial phase Myway Airlines has prepared a 3-part action plan, under which the airline will perform flights from Tbilisi to various directions of the world, including to the USA. Objective of the airline is to return the function of a hub to Georgia in long-term period.