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The MP Regards, that there are Many Opportunities for Business-Doing in Georgia

The MP Regards, that there are Many Opportunities for Business-Doing in Georgia

“In the history of independent Georgia there have never been so many opportunities for hard-working people with a dream to launch or grow their own businesses. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit have more chances to succeed than ever”, – Georgian Prime Minister has declared about it in his speech in the EU.

Kvirikashvili has talked about Georgia’s achievements in recent 25 years and planned reforms by the government. He highlighted a comprehensive 4-point reform plan and noted, that Georgia remains committed to sharing the experience and extending support to those who are pursuing transformation.

The Premier noted in his speech that the aim of the government is involve all parties in the decision making process.

“We have created several platforms where we have regular dialogue with civil society and private sector representatives.In promoting good governance, our aim is to make all public services even more accessible for business, and we have launched an ambitious project of a “Business House” in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. It, together with an online platform, will serve as a one-stop-shop for businesses and as a front office for all government bodies”, the Premier declared.

In addition, Kvirikashvili highlighted, that central to good governance is fair and efficient tax collection.

“Georgia is already one of the lowest tax burden countries in the world, but we are liberalizing our taxes further. In order to encourage business to invest in development, and thus in new jobs, we have taken a decision to abolish a profit tax on undistributed earnings.

Although it is a costly reform, it ensures the long-term sustainability of business and jobs. We are also improving the tax administration system by strengthening the role of the judiciary in decisions on tax inspections, thus ensuring increased protections for the private sector.”

He noted about improvement of position in the rating, poverty reduction and low level of unemployment, which is at the minimum of 12 years.

“Georgia’s economy is growing despite downturns all around us and foreign direct investment is way up, almost 100 percent higher than in 2012. This translates directly into jobs for Georgians. Georgia now ranks 4th in terms of “ease of doing business” in Europe and Central Asia”, – Kviriakshvili notes.

He also talked about on start-up programs and underlined, that the path towards fulfilling sustainable development goals and building resilient and inclusive communities requires unlocking the hidden resource that every nation has: its people.

“Accordingly, education is among our top priorities. We decided to tailor our education system to ensure it delivers for each individual and for our society and economy as a whole. We want every graduate of a professional or higher education institution financed by the government to be able to find his or her place in a competitive labor market. We want an education system that is competitive and delivers quality education not only to Georgian citizens but also to foreign students”, – Giorgi Kvirikashvili has declared.

Kvirikashvili noted, that the construction of two new private technical universities, with an estimated development cost of 1 billion euro, has started this year.

“Soon we will offer the best conditions to the students in the region”, – the Premier added.