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Ministry of Economy Releases Special Statement on Wizz Air

We find it absolutely unacceptable to disseminate this misinformation aimed at misleading our population, destabilizing the situation and damaging the interests of not only one specific airline, but the whole business environment in Georgia.

We would like to declare with full responsibility that no restrictions will be introduced against Wizz Air operation. On the contrary, we provide overall support for WizzAir business. The company grows year to year and this process will be continued in the future too. 

Flights between Georgia and EU countries are carried out under the 2010 agreement on Joint Air Space. Based on objectives of this agreement, air market admittance procedures are simplified. This agreement is based on liberal principles that do not limit quantity of airlines, frequency of flights, tariffs, types of airplanes and destinations. 

Air Traffic is free between any international airport of EU and Georgia. Consequently, the flights schedule for Wizz Air and any other European airlines is approved under the mentioned agreement and all allegations about imposition of restrictions are ungrounded. Starting 2005, Georgia follows liberal air traffic policy. As a result, the country has a competitive environment in aviation field and passenger turnover grows year to year. Airlines show growing interest, destinations are diversified. Based on the mentioned liberal policy, currently, flights between Georgia and EU are carried out by 2 Georgian and six European airlines 35 destinations in 16 countries of Europe.

As to the information voiced by the same nongovernmental organization as if we had not conferred frequency to another Georgian airline Myway Airlines on Russian direction, this is misinformation too. 

Under the Georgia-Russia agreement on air traffic, the Civil Aviation Agency has appointed Myway Airlines on five directions. So far the mentioned airline has not submitted an application for conferring frequencies.

Regretfully, HUB Georgia frequently spreads misinformation to deliberately mislead wide society as if Georgia’s current transport-logistics policy fails. We would like also to stress that HUB Georgian shows unprofessionalism and this is evidently revealed in their statements. Seemingly, management of HUB Georgia and persons behind them do not know Georgia’s aviation legislation and agreement on Joint Air Space between Georgia and EU member countries.