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Mestia Residents Hold Public Discussions on Nenskra HPP Project

Members of local communities in villages of Chuberi and Nakra showed much interest in information introduced by JSC Nenskra Hydro during public discussions this week, the Nenskra Hydro statement reads.

Experts of each technical groups of the project attended public discussions in Chuberi and Nakra on August 22-24 on Nenskra HPP potential impact issues.

“Community members posed questions to specialists concerning employment of local population, cascade security, land purchase and living conditions, community development program and ecological issues. 

JSC Nenskra Hydro representatives welcome this level of involvement of population and the fact specialists have answered interesting questions of local residents. They expressed readiness to hold regular meetings with local residents to maintain high level involvement of local communities. 

Georgia has not obtained energy independence yet. In autumn-winter period the country faces shortage of electricity, because in the mentioned period rivers lack for sufficient volume of water resources amid growing electricity consumption.

Averaged annual imports from Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia reaches 610 00GWh in winter period.

Nenskra HPP will generate 1 200.00GWh electricity that will enable Georgia to considerably shrink dependence of energy imports and improve economic conditions of the country.