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Mercy Corps and Borjomi Local Action Group Announce Winners of EU-funded ENPARD Programme

International Organisation “Mercy Corps” and Borjomi Local Action Group (LAG) announce the results of the first stage of Rural Development small grant competition under the Rural Development Pilot Project supported by the European Union in the framework of the European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD).

The sub-grant component started in the end of May 2016 and included three phases. The first phase involved submission of Express of Interest (EOI) during the period of 1 June through 15 July 2016. The next phase, taking place during 5 June to 31 August, involved submission of the proposals in a complete format. Final “Technical assessment” phase started on 1 September and still continues.

During the first phase of the grants competition Borjomi LAG received 171 EOI. After careful consideration of received applications Borjomi LAG identified 107 applicants for the second phase. The selected applicants were trained and informed on the application forms, assessment criteria and procedure of the competition.

88 full applications were received electronically on the second stage. 36 applications received the highest scores and were selected for the technical assessment phase. Borjomi LAG made decision to support 19 projects, while 12 sub projects still remain under consideration.

The following projects were selected for funding by the Borjomi Local Action Group.

The Borjomi Local Action Group is funded under the European Union’s ENPARD programme. Implemented since 2013, the main goal of the ENPARD programme is to reduce rural poverty in Georgia through support to rural development and agriculture.  Programme assistance is provided to the government and also to NGOs working directly with communities on the ground.