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Keti Bochorishvili

Many Arab Large-scale Projects will be Implemented in Georgia in Several Years

In her interview with the Business Contact, Deputy Economy Minister Keti Bochorishvili talks about the interest of Arab companies in Georgia.

The Sheikh of United Arab Emirates has arrived in Ajara as part of his visit to Georgia. Are specific interest directions outlined?

Mr. Sheikh has introduced several projects in Georgia. He shows special interest in the last period. He plans to expand the rebranding process of Terrabank.

We have offered specific investment projects. The vice prime minister paid visit to UAE two weeks ago and we introduced projects specially to raise their interest. As a result, on the next day of the hotel inauguration, they arrived in the Ajara Region and visited the Gonio territory.

We have serious attitude to this project. Therefore, we are conducting negotiations with several major groups, including Dhabi Group so as they discuss this project, explore details and then implement them.

Are specific schedules determined? 

At this stage they have expressed much interest. In the next phase the projects will be explored and appropriate concepts will be developed. Then, as a result of bilateral negotiations, further steps will be taken regarding the mentioned project.

Interest from UAE is very high. We have received many delegations in the last period. I would like to stress that perception and interest in Georgia grows on  daily basis in UAE and this attitude is reflected in the fact the international tourists inflow has increased.

FlyDubai airline performs two flights a week and it is loaded nearly by 100%. Businessmen interested in commercial activities  and tourism sector. Representatives show special interest in Georgia. We may become strategic partners. Georgian blackberry has been already exported to UAE.

What sort of investments has been made in Georgia from UAE today?

Investment have been made in various projects and we are trying to draw more investors. We discuss many projects, including the Tskaltubo project. I cannot name specific dates, but I can say that the interest is high and in several years a lot of large-scale and major Arab projects will be implemented in Georgia.