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Mandatory Technical Inspection of Vehicles to Come in Force on January 1st

From January 1, 2019, a technical inspection will become mandatory for all categories of vehicles.

The non-governmental sector says that the process which is carried out by the Ministry of Economy is implemented incorrectly and has actually failed.

They speak about the lack of all the necessary equipment for inspecting cars and doubt the competence of inspectors.

Representatives of technical centers refute the accusations as regards their competence. They say the role of inspectors in the technical inspection process is minimal, and all the basic work is done by computer.

An effective system for training specialists has been enacted – in particular, inspectors undergo training and practice to control the process and avoid making mistakes when assessing the car technical condition.

Currently, technical inspection is mandatory only for several types of vehicles such as public transport, buses, trucks, and cars with 3 cylinder engine. 135,000 cars have already been tested, 40,000 of them were technically faulty owners of which were given a month to repair it, but only 28,000 returned to undergo repeated technical inspection.

12,000 vehicles, the technical condition of which does not allow them to drive, continue to run freely on the city roads. According to the head of the Association of Automobile Inspection Vazha Iordanishvili, a one-time technical inspection is not enough for a full and effective work of the system.

In  Vazha Iordanishvili’s words, several companies won in the tender announced by the Ministry of Economy and had to open new inspection centers by December 20, but has failed and can’t accept the number of cars that many times exceed the current number.